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Spectra LT20G Line Laser

Spectra LT20G Line Laser
Spectra LT20G Line Laser Spectra LT20G Line Laser Spectra LT20G Line Laser Spectra LT20G Line Laser
Self-levelling vertical and horizontal line laser with mounting brackets
Product Condition:   New
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Spectra Precision LT20G Crossline Laser Level
The Spectra Precision® LT20 Crossline “Laser Tool” is an automatic self-levelling laser tool that projects very bright horizontal and vertical green laser lines. The laser tool is used in a wide variety of interior applications including levelling, layout, vertical plumb and alignment. The wide laser beam fan angle allows maximum coverage.
The LT20G has been designed with a tough housing with a generous overmold to withstand the rigours of the professional construction environment.
New Versatile Mounting Accessory
Included with the LT20 Gis a versatile accessory that allows for mounting in many various ways. The mount also allows for vertical adjustment and horizontal rotation for maximum range and quick setups.
• Magnetic mount
• Small camera tripod mount (1/4”)
• Standard survey tripod mount (5/8”)
• Horizontal strap to pipe/pole/column
• Vertical strap to pipe/pole/column
• Bright lines – easy to see even in areas with bright light
• Versatile accessory – can be used for any application
• Wide fan beam angles – provides maximum coverage
Supplied in a pouch with adjustable Height Magnetic Bracket, Clamp, Accessory Bracket, mounting strap, batteries and user guide
Accuracy ±3 mm @ 10 m
Visual distance 30 m
Laser power -& class
Fan angle
2 x 15mw Class 2  Horizontal 130° /
Vertical 150°
3 x 1.5V AA
Battery Life
Out of Level Indication
Self Levelling range
Environmental Protection             
20 Hours
Laser Flashes
4 degrees
110 x 58 x 104mm