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Spectra LL300N + HR320

Spectra LL300N + HR320
Spectra LL300N + HR320 Spectra LL300N + HR320 Spectra LL300N + HR320 Spectra LL300N + HR320
Spectra LL300N Laser Level with HR320 Laser Receiver
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Spectra LL300N Laser Level
Very heavy duty self-levelling laser level for groundworks, concreting, foundations, and brickwork.
Built for contractors and hire operators who need accuracy, ease of use and durability.
New design with fully dust and rainproof glass lighthouse
  • Fully automatic self-levelling laser
  • Easy to operate - just switch on
  • Huge operating range - 500m diameter
  • Designed to withstand a knock-over
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • 5 Years laser level warranty
Extraordinarily robust design makes this one of the toughest laser levels in use in the construction industry. Ideal for hire fleets.
The LL300N is a fully automatically self-levelling laser level - just switch on and it levels itself in a few moments. No bubbles to check or foot-screws to turn. The instrument constantly monitors and maintains its level, and will stop rotating and warn the user if it has had a major disturbance which could affect the overall set-up height.
The Spectra LL300N is ideally suited to all groundworks and foundation tasks. The level is very robustly made and is designed to withstand a tripod knock-over.
The rotor is protected by a dust and waterproof glass lighthouse encased in a strong alloy frame.
The instrument can be switched to manual mode, whereby the level is no longer self-levelling, and can be set to a slope, such as for drainage work.
The optional RC601 remote slope control provides fine slope adjustment control, on either one or both slope axes.
The LL300N is supplied with a NiMH rechargeable battery pack. If required, the rechargeable battery pack can be removed and replaced with 4 x 1.5V D cells.

Spectra LL300N Laser Level Specification
Levelling Accuracy +/- 2.2mm per 30 metres
Operating Range Up to 500 metres (diameter)
Fully Automatic Levelling Yes
Major Disturbance Alert Yes
Slope control Available with optional RC601
Remote Slope Control Range 50m
Rechargeable Battery Run Time 45 hours
Alkaline Battery Life 90 hours
Rainproof Yes
Tripod Fitting Standard 5/8"

Spectra HR320 Laser Receiver Specification 
Operating Range (Radius) 200m
Laser Receiver Window Height 50mm
Number of channels 5
Acceptance Angle 90°
On-Grade Sensitivities Fine 2.0mm, Course 6.0mm
Batteries 2 x 1.5V Type AA
Battery Life 70 Hours
Sounder Low: 80dBA. High 100 dBA
Auto shut-off 30 minutes
Dimensions 163 x 74 x 29mm
Lasers Detected Red and infra-red laser