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Spectra HL450 Receiver

Laser Receiver with Digital Height Reading
Product Condition:   New
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Spectra Precision HL450 Laser Level Receiver
A high specification receiver for use with any red-beam rotating laser level.
  • Supplied with staff clamp
  • Supplied with batteries
  • Digital numerical height readout
  • Fully waterproof
  • 2 Years Warranty
 The HL450 has a laser receiver window of 95mm for increased reception height range.
The laser position is indicated by the 21 channel up/down arrows, and the actual height from the datum zero is displayed in mm (or inches) on the LCD panel.
A loud bleeper (which can be reduced or muted) also indicates the laser position.
The Spectra HL450 is of very robust construction, which is essential as the receiver usually suffers the roughest treatment on site. The HL450 is waterproof and has a two year full warranty.
Operating Range (radius): 200m
Displays: Dual LCD
Number of Channels:  21
On-Grade sensitivities:  1mm, 5mm
Sounder:  Low 65dBA, High 105dBA
Auto shut-off:  30 minutes
Waterproof rating:  IP67
Batteries:  2 x 1.5 Type AA