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Protimeter Aquant

Pin-less sub-surface moisture detection meter
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Protimeter Aquant

The PROTIMETER Aquant detects moisture below the surface of common construction materials by radio frequency sensing.

No contact probes are required with this contactless measuring system.

The Aquant indicates the relative dampness of differing areas on a 0 -999 scale.
The PROTIMETER Aquant is used to assess and monitor the relative moisture level of building materials including plaster, drywall, masonry, concrete and fiberglass (GRP). It is ideal for checking the relative moisture condition of building elements such as solid walls and floors prior to more rigorous and time-consuming investigative procedures that may be required. The Aquant can be used to detect the presence of moisture behind floor and wall coverings such as ceramic tile and vinyl floor coverings. It can also be used for surveying GRP boat hulls for the early detection of damp spots that could lead to blistering caused by osmosis.
The Aquant has a digital display and a color-coded LED scale. The display shows the relative moisture level of the material under investigation on a scale of 0-999 and the color coded LED scale indicates the material’s moisture condition. To use, the Aquant is simply held against the surface of the material under investigation. The relative moisture level is measured by radio frequency to a nominal depth of 10-20mm. There are no needles to mark the surface and the Aquant is not adversely affected by moisture.
Range 0 –999 Relative
Display 1— Digital LCD
Display 2— 60 LED’s
Hold Reading Feature
Depth of measurement—Up to 19mm
Not adversely affected by surface moisture such as condensation
The PROTIMETER Aquant is supplied with:
Pouch with belt loop.