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Leica DISTO S910

3D Laser Distance Measurer with file transfer to CAD
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Leica DISTO S910
Measure the distance, height and angle between two or more remote points.
  • Range up to 300 metres
  • Very simple to use - no previous surveyor experience required
  • Plot a 3D survey and save as a DXF file.
  • 1.0mm typical basic accuracy
  • Digital zoom viewfinder
  • Image, screenshot and data storage
  • Long-range measuring, inside or outdoors
DISTO S910 - Product Overview
With the combination of distance measurement and horizontal and vertical angles, the DISTO can compute the exact 3D fix (or XYZ co-ordinates) of any measured point.
Thus the DISTO user can measure to two consecutive points, and the DISTO will display the distance between those two points.
The measurement results can be immediately read from the large clear display, and also transferred to a PC via WLAN if required.
P2P (point to point) measuring technology in the new DISTO S910 enables the distance between two remote points to be very easily measured.
The results can be immediately read from the large clear display, and transferred to a PC via WLAN, or stored and transferred via USB.

Complete Package Set
The DISTO S910 is supplied as a complete package with a tripod and finely adjustable tripod mounting bracket.
The complete set with accessories is supplied in a carrying case.

Typical Measuring Accuracy +/- 1.0mm
Measuring Range Up to 300 metres
Measuring Units metres, feet/inches
Digital Viewfinder Colour with 4x zoom
Memory for CAD data 20 DXF files (each with 30 measurement points)
Memory for photos 80 jpg images
Data Interface Bluetooth Smart, WLAN, USB
Battery Integral Li-ion rechargeable
Charge time 4 hours
Dimensions 164 x 61 x 32mm
Typical Accuracy in 3D measuring or P2P 10mm error per 10m (dependant on angular accuracy)
Typical Angle Measuring accuracy +/- 0.1° (computed 3D measurements are derived from the measured angle)