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EZiCAT i550

Cable Avoidance and Location Tool with Depth Indication
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EZiCAT i550 Cable Avoidance Tool and Service Locator with Depth Indication

The EZiCAT i550 is used with the optional EZiTEX t100 Signal Generator for  Depth of Service Indication

Use to locate energised and non-energised cables, and the route of drains and metal pipes.
Three modes of operation:
•Power Mode
•Radio Mode
•Generator Mode
Live cables with current flowing are detected with the EZiCAT i550 in Power mode.
Non-energised cables can be traced with the EZiCAT i550 in Radio mode.
In Generator Mode, the EZiTEX t100 Signal Generator is used to induce a signal onto a cable to improve identification, location and tracing of the cable, and to estimate cable depth below ground.
The EZiCAT i550 is for use by anyone planning to dig where there may be buried services.
Drain runs can be followed by sending the optional signal emitting Sonde down the drain, either attached to a drain rod or to an EZiROD. The EZiCAT i550 will locate the position of the Sonde in the underground drain.
Power Mode Detection Depth: Down to 3
Radio Mode Detection Depth:  Down to 2m
Generator Mode Detection Depth: Down to 3m
Depth Indication Estimate:  0.3m to 3m
Batteries:   6 x 1.5V AA
Battery Life:  40 hours intermittent use
Environmental Protection:  IP54